No more trade-offs when selecting the water treatment of your swimming pool

Thanks to the latest technology, your ambitions for sustainability, water quality and health do not need to be in conflict with budgetary constraints. You do not need to prioritize and choose, you can have all of the above. You swimming pool- either new build or renovation- can benefit from this too.

Find out more about how the innovative Cleardrum drum filter has proven it’s added value over the past years.


The drum filter is an important innovation in water treatment

The way water treatment is done for swimming pools has changed very little over the last decades. Sand filters are the prime medium for filtration. They consume a lot of electricity due to the significant filter resistance. They also consume a lot of water for back washing (cleaning). Dirt is allowed ample residence time in the system and has the opportunity to react with chlorine and form disinfection byproducts. This can be done differently using the Cleardrum drum filter.

The new proposed water treatment is based on pre-filtration of 100% of the flow with a drum filter. Cleardrum has advanced the traditional drum filter to make it more efficient (water, energy) and most notably enable it to be positioned more conveniently in the building (f.e. in the basement).

Over 90% of the dirt that normally ends up in the sand filter is eliminated early on. It is removed every hour rather than accumulate in the sand filter for days and in the balancing tank for up to a year  (usually cleaned only annually). Your system stays clean and dirt does not get much opportunity to react with chlorine, minimizing potential for byproducts. Your water quality will improve and you will consume much less water and energy. Total cost of ownership will decrease too. This is how you can achieve your ambitions for sustainability, health and affordability all simultaneously!

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