The first Cleardrum drum filters have been running very successfully for over 2.5 years now. But this is no reason for Cleardrum to sit on its hands! We have realized several small improvements to our design that make the drum filter even easier to maintain and even more compact in installation.

The improvements include:

  • Direct gear transmission from motor to drum, without using an chain. This eliminates the need to replace the chain as part of preventative maintenance
  • The nozzle bar and waste water gutter slide out of the drum on the same side now. This reduces required space on the other side of the drum filter previously needed for removing the nozzle bar.
  • Viewing glass on the open side of the drum improves the ability to do a visual inspection without opening the tank, the cheapest preventative maintenance possible!
  • Connection on the tank to fit a pressure sensor to enable measurement of (increased) filter resistance
  • Height adjustable support legs
  • Engine can be fitted on front or back part of the tank, as per customer preference

Individually, these are minor improvements that do not impact the efficiency of the product. But all combined, they make the drum filter and even more user friendly and easier to maintain!