Vita is a consortium of Cordeel, Farys, Hellebrekers Technieken en Slangen+Koenis Architects. Together, these parties have an impressive amount of experience in realizing and managing sport facilities, specifically swimming pools. Vita has won the concession to realize a new swimming facility in the city of Temse (Belgium). The project includes a 25x21m competition pool, a 15x9m multipurpose pool, a water slide and a toddlers pool. Sustainability and long term maintenance and energy costs are playing an increasingly important role in the Belgium market. To be able to guarantee low water and energy consumption, Vita has chosen for pre-filtration with Cleardrum drum filters combined with part stream (50%) sand filtration and full-stream UV treatment (Van Remmen). The experience with this configuration in the Netherlands matches very well with the ambition to combine low life-cycle-cost with achieving best-in-class water and air quality.  A prime example of innovation focused on sustainability, health and quality for the long term!